Nurturing Our Creativity

With the province beginning to open up, I find myself wanting to get out and do things I used to enjoy doing. However, I am also feeling hesitant, knowing that if this re-opening is not done carefully, we could face a second wave and shut down again. I don't think anyone wants that. So, last... Continue Reading →

Dear White Readers…

I have purposely avoided talking about the horrendous murder of George Floyd at the hands of police, about Black Lives Matter and about race in general, not because it is uncomfortable to talk about these things - it is - but because it has not been my voice that has needed to be heard, rather... Continue Reading →

Creating Simple Habits

Since I have been living on my own, which is the same amount of time we have been living and working in these pandemic times, I have created a few simple habits that I didn't have before. I have maintained some of the habits I had before, like waking up early and writing every day... Continue Reading →

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