Thanksgiving 2020

Like so many things in 2020, Thanksgiving weekend may look very different this year. Many of us are mourning the loss of large family gatherings, sharing a big meal together, travelling to see the people we love. Instead, we may be gathering in our smaller "bubbles" or visiting loved ones virtually and staying much closer... Continue Reading →

Six Month Fatigue

In Ontario, Covid-19 numbers have been on the rise. Social circles are being made smaller, and masks are required everywhere. I am tired. I do not enjoy this "new normal". I wear a mask everywhere I go - at work, in stores, while picking up my coffee at Tim Hortons. I want to spend time... Continue Reading →

Escaping our Cages

I recently read Glennon Doyle's most recent (and in my opinion, her best) book, Untamed. In the very first essay, Glennon recounts a visit to the zoo she took with her wife and daughters. We are introduced to Tabitha, a cheetah who was born into captivity and lives at the zoo with her keepers and... Continue Reading →

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