Find Your Feet

This week I received some disappointing news. I had interviewed for a program I hoped to be a part of, and was not offered a place in that program. In the moment, I was sad and disappointed. And then, as I often do, I took it personally and moved to embarrassment, shame and questioning my... Continue Reading →

Never Too Late

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life lately - where I have been, what I have accomplished, and also how I have failed and where I thought or hoped I would be at this point in my life. In many ways, I have set goals and worked hard to achieve them.... Continue Reading →

Just Be

Do you remember the early days of the pandemic? When we couldn't go to work, all the stores were closed, we were isolating and quarantining and we had all this time we needed to fill? Do you remember how in those early days, and later too, we learned new skills, practiced art, asked ourselves what... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe

How often, when everything seems out of control, are we reminded to just breathe? And so, we take a deep, cleansing breath, allowing the oxygen to fill our lungs and feed our body. And then...we hold it. How often, when things seem out of control, do we forget to exhale? We forget that everything has... Continue Reading →

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