Magic Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone – my treetop adventure (#6 and #45)

I have a confession to make.  I am not afraid of heights.  For about 25 years I have been telling people that I am afraid of heights to get out of certain activities.  Specifically, to get out of activities that involve heights and which could result in me plunging to my death.  But heights –Continue reading “Magic Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone – my treetop adventure (#6 and #45)”

Opening Up – My List of 45 Things

After lots of inner debate, and after sharing my list with a few people, I have made the decision to share my list of 45 things.  Originally, my intention was to roll it out as I completed each item, and maybe put the entire list out at the end of the project.  But, some thingsContinue reading “Opening Up – My List of 45 Things”

The Adventure Begins…

Yesterday was my birthday.  My 45th birthday.  While some may lament the loss of their youth with each passing year, I am celebrating turning 45.  And to celebrate, I created a list of 45 things I want to do this year. Why?  That sounds a little “bucket-list”ish, right?  I suppose it does. But this isContinue reading “The Adventure Begins…”

Letting Go and Having Fun – Go Axe Throwing (#12)

Number 12 on my list of forty-five things was to go axe throwing.  It is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I hadn’t because I was afraid I would look stupid, or I would cut off my knee cap or something equally embarrassing. But, this is the year of trying allContinue reading “Letting Go and Having Fun – Go Axe Throwing (#12)”