Opening Up – My List of 45 Things

After lots of inner debate, and after sharing my list with a few people, I have made the decision to share my list of 45 things.  Originally, my intention was to roll it out as I completed each item, and maybe put the entire list out at the end of the project.  But, some thingsContinue reading “Opening Up – My List of 45 Things”

The Adventure Begins…

Yesterday was my birthday.  My 45th birthday.  While some may lament the loss of their youth with each passing year, I am celebrating turning 45.  And to celebrate, I created a list of 45 things I want to do this year. Why?  That sounds a little “bucket-list”ish, right?  I suppose it does. But this isContinue reading “The Adventure Begins…”

Letting Go and Having Fun – Go Axe Throwing (#12)

Number 12 on my list of forty-five things was to go axe throwing.  It is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I hadn’t because I was afraid I would look stupid, or I would cut off my knee cap or something equally embarrassing. But, this is the year of trying allContinue reading “Letting Go and Having Fun – Go Axe Throwing (#12)”