Dream With Me

42 of 45 Moments of Wonder This is the final week of this series about Wonder. So much has happened over these two months, and while I intended to be finished this series on Valentine's Day, I don't regret taking the extra time to do this right and to focus on myself, my healing and... Continue Reading →

Kindness Connects Us

41 of 45 Moments of Wonder This week I have heard so many stories of people's kindness. With Random Acts of Kindness Day this past Monday, there has been a renewed interest in people being kind or showing kindness to one another. I want to jump on the kindness train today but not to talk... Continue Reading →

Nature is Powerful!

40 of 45 Moments of Wonder This week I experienced one of Nature's most powerful forces - FIRE. It wasn't exactly out in nature, but rather in my oven. On Tuesday, we made some tacos and one of the steps in preparing the tacos was warming the shells. My wife followed the same steps we... Continue Reading →

I Can't Wait…

38 of 45 Moments of Wonder "I can't wait until tomorrow." "I can't wait until I am in highschool." "I can't wait to go on our vacation." "I can't wait until I am older." These are all phrases I have heard in my home, uttered by my children. And I get it. We are all... Continue Reading →

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